Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cabin Fever!

Well the big snow storm the weatherman forecasted hit us hard and will not let up! It's been snowing and freezing rain on and off since Sunday. Plus we are supposed to get another 3-4 inches of snow tomorrow. Having a white Christmas sure is going to be nice but... My husband has missed over a week of work.. with no pay. Plus the garbage isn't being collected because the trucks do not have chains. All over the city people are losing power because the ice from the freezing rain is making trees and branches fall. Our neighbor's tree fell and came really close to hitting our other car.
The family is starting to have cabin fever too, lol. We walked over to the Post Office and grocery store yesterday. We saw about 5 cars and a bus stuck in the snow. They all had chains on but the snow is just too deep and there is that pesky layer of ice underneath.
The kids are having a blast with it at least! They went sledding down our hill today!

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