Saturday, November 8, 2014

I'm a member of Smiley360 and I got to visit the Sleep Number store for a mission (and get a free pillow from Smiley360 too)! The sleep Number store was really nice! There were a ton of different types of beds to try. The Sleep Professional that helped us was very helpful. He had us try out a couple of different styles and found our sleep numbers for us. Mine was 40 and my husbands was 45. We are going back to get us a Sleep Number bed after the holidays are over! I felt like I could have fallen asleep on the bed in the store!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A much needed update...

It's been far to long since I made a blog post. Oh I've been busy crafting but I've been too lazy to post! Here's a huge update on all the things I've made since the last post.

Birdbird & Laurie the Duckie

These were patterns I tested at the Harugurumi Official Pattern Testing Team Facebook page.

Fawn & Squirrel with Nut
Patterns by Maki Oomachi in the book Amigurumi no Mori

Spring Bunny
Pattern from All About Ami

Blue Penguin

Minecraft Ghast

This one I made without a pattern.  It was a custom order on my Etsy shop.


Pattern from Talli's Designs

Pattern "Murray the reindeer" by dawntoussaint