Saturday, October 17, 2009

Revenge of the V Baby

Have you heard about ABC remaking the classic V alien miniseries from the 80's? I loved the old series so much! I remember watching it as a child. Staring in aw at the special effects (lol) and I was shocked when the green Alien baby popped out during Robin's C section! I hope ABC's new remake can live up to the classic series.....
The anticipation got the better of me and I made my own version of the green alien baby. This one is just a bit cuter than the original! He has hand painted sparkle eyes, embroidered fangs and glow in the dark eye patches. Glow in the dark yarn is so fun to work with!

I've also had time to make a few more coffee cozies. The hippo and robot cozies have already sold!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Button Eyes

Have you ever used button eyes for your amigurumi? I've always used safety eyes until I fell in love with a few patterns from Handmade Knit Amigurumi (大好きなあみぐるみ). Dachshund (いたずらっこのダックスフント), Button eyed Rabbit and Bear (ボタン目のうさぎとくま). I've only made the bear so far, but the Dachshund may be coming in the future. It's so darn cute!
I made the bear for a amigurumi swap over at Ravelry. September's theme was fruit so I added some strawberry buttons and crochet a big strawberry for her to hold. The pattern for the strawberry was from Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute by Elisabeth Doherty. It was an easy pattern but adding the seed beads was tedious(although well worth it!).
This months swap is Halloween! I already know what I'm going to make but it's a secret.
Yesterday my computer arrived back from the repair shop! It seems to be back to it's old self. I spent most of yesterday updating Windows and putting programs like FFXI back on it. Luckly I had a chance to save all my files and photos, so I had to get those back on there too. Phew what a day! I even had to go flag down the Fedex driver to get the computer! >< They always have a hard time finding our house. He had to back up from halfway down the street.