Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh! Poop! My poor abandoned blog.

Oh! My poor abandoned blog. It’s been forever since I’ve made a post. I just haven’t been doing as much crafting as I used too. So that being said I’m changing this blog from being mostly about crafting to a general everyday blog. It’s still going to have craft topics but it will also have a whole lot more!
Let’s start this revamped blog off with a topic that no one likes to talk about. That’s right… POOP. I’m talking here about the dog variety. I walk with my youngest son to school every day. It’s a nice short walk (although uphill). The problem we’ve been facing for the last month is DOG POOP. Some incredibly shameless person keeps letting their dog go poop on the sidewalk and then doesn’t have the decency to clean it up. Obviously they should be cleaning up after the dog but if they are not willing to do that at least keep the dog from taking a poop on the sidewalk. Have them do it in a yard!! Their own yard would be the best!! Every day there is a new poop land mine out there just waiting for us. It’s been a real miracle we’ve managed not to step in anything yet so I’m not sure why this bugs me as much as it does.
We live in a nice neighborhood (renting a house cheap from my sister in-law). Everyone takes nice care of their properties. Who could be doing this? My guess is one of the stuck up ladies living around here can’t be burdened with cleaning up after their animal. I’ve seen countless numbers of them walking around. At least half of them don’t bother to put the dog on the leash, yet they carry the lease around with them. I just don’t understand how someone could be so audacious. I mean they walk the same route with their dog every day. I hope they end up stepping in it. I have yet to catch them in the act and I really don’t know what I’d do if I did. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to follow them home with said poop and leave it on their front stoop. I wouldn’t have the nerve. Honestly I’m not sure I would have the nerve to even say anything to them. What would you do? Oh! That’s a great topic for that show on ABC “What Would You DO”! Ha!