Saturday, March 5, 2011

Three new cuties!

Surprise.. Surprise! I've been busy crafting... :)
First up is Rawr!
I seriously love this pattern from MrFox.

Second we have Carrot Bunny by Stripeyblue. I altered the pattern on this a lot.

and lastly we have this lovely Octopus from 零起点魔法玩偶 (Beginners Magic Dolls)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waiting for Spring to Arrive

I am so tired of winter! Mother nature is playing a trick on us here in Portland this year. It is going to snow here tonight! Snow this late in February is really rare for us.
I've been so ready for spring I couldn't help but make some fresh springy amigurumi. I originally started out making a snail for a swap at Ravelry but I loved it so much that I made another for myself. The white on the snail shell glows in the dark and so does the leaf one of the snails is sitting on. The mushroom didn't turn out as well as I expected but it was fun to make.

I've also made a purple bunny (it's the year of the rabbit now!).