Friday, April 23, 2010

Better late than never..

It's been a long time since I've blogged! There's a lot to update...
My husband and I have been playing Final Fantasy XI again. We had taken a short break. On our 13th wedding anniversary we finally got married in the game. Pretty silly right? But it was fun and cute!

Last month a did another Ravelry $10 amigurumi swap. The theme was Hybrid Animals. So I made a Bunny/Seal using the Mimi Seal pattern from Amigurumi Collection Vol. 8. I used some Bernat Glow in the Dark yarn. I LOVE that yarn. It's so fun to work with. Bernat discontinued it though. I have about 10 skeins left of it.

I also made a chick for my swap partner. I winged this one (haha). I should have written down a pattern as I made it.

I made this last amigurumi for Easter but it is still available for purchase in my shop. I also winged this one also... next time I promise to take notes for a pattern.. This was the first time I've used chenille yarn and I was very happy with the results.

I have so many project I want to do... but I have too many half finished projects started. I'm working on a Hexagon blanket, lacey gloves, a tonberry amigurumi & a frog amigurumi. Plus I have a whale & a bird amigurumi finished just waiting to have their photos taken. So much to do and so little time!