Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday was my 31st birthday! Another year older and another year I can say.. I don't feel older than I did the year before. It might be because strangers tend to think I'm younger than I am. Last week I went shopping with my mom and the gal that rang up my purchase started to ask if I wanted to sign up for the store credit card and then she stopped in the middle of her spiel and asked how old I was.. like I wasn't 18 yet. Stuff like that has always happened to me. Like the time I was out with my kids and my parents and someone thought my children were my little brothers. It used to bother me.. but now it's really nice! :D
So to celebrate this year's birthday my husband took me out for a child free evening of fun. We went to see the new James Bond movie. Quantum of Solace. I'm a huge OO7 fan. Is it any wonder I married a guy who's nickname is 7 (because of his birthday o7/07/77). Then we did a little shopping at the mall and went out to a yummy dinner at Red Robin. On the way home we went and picked up doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.. because I'm not a big cake fan.
To top everything off I got a couple of really wonderful birthday gifts this year. My husband and kids got me a set of Sookie Stackhouse novels, you may know it better as TrueBlood on HBO. The books are way better than the show, but I still love the show too!

My mom bought me the cutest TokiDoki bag. Graziosa in the Carnival print. I've been wanting this messenger bag forever! Thanks mom!


Miso said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely time and enjoy all your treats ^^

Ooooh, I've been undecided on getting her books. worth a purchase?

Hehehe Miso x

Sugar-Coated said...

Oh yeah they are! The only complaint I have about them is.. they are too short and a really fast read. Thanks!