Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hamster in a Cup Amigurumi + Our New Kitty Domino!

I loved using this pattern by sweees.
It's not just adorable it's usable. Under the hamster the cup can be used as a trinket box.

A few months ago we got a cat! For years my kids have wanted either a cat or a dog. So when my husband and I drove his brother (and his cat) to the vet and saw an adorable kitten for adoption we had to save him. One of the vet's assistants had found him in her yard following her cat around meowing at her. She lives next to the freeway... I don't even want to think about what could have happened to him. Poor baby! So she rescued him and brought him into the office and nursed him back to health and there he stayed for a few months. As soon as we saw him we knew we had to take him home!
When we brought him back into the office to get more of his shots done the assistant who found him came into see him and was really choked up. She loves him too but already had too many cats at home so she couldn't keep him herself.

We named him domino because he's black and white and has an almost perfect circle dot on his belly. He's a really quirky cat! He loves to stick out his tongue.

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