Saturday, October 17, 2009

Revenge of the V Baby

Have you heard about ABC remaking the classic V alien miniseries from the 80's? I loved the old series so much! I remember watching it as a child. Staring in aw at the special effects (lol) and I was shocked when the green Alien baby popped out during Robin's C section! I hope ABC's new remake can live up to the classic series.....
The anticipation got the better of me and I made my own version of the green alien baby. This one is just a bit cuter than the original! He has hand painted sparkle eyes, embroidered fangs and glow in the dark eye patches. Glow in the dark yarn is so fun to work with!

I've also had time to make a few more coffee cozies. The hippo and robot cozies have already sold!


~♥Sonya said...

Oh yes...yours is so much cuter than the original!!!! You are very talented and creative! Great job on him.

urban craft said...

Oh this rules! I grew up loving V. As a kid, my friends and I would play "V" the next day at school after watching the show the night before.
Yes, the kids thought I was dorky. And, sadly, many adults still do.