Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sea Critters & the Dead Computer!

Last month I joined an amigurumi swap group at Ravelry. That months theme was Sea Animals. My swap partner made me some adorable fishies that were her very own pattern. ^^ So for my swap I made an Orange Sea Otter from Amigurumi Collection Vol.7 and a baby Sea Turtle from Amigurumi Two, Crocheted Toys for Me, You and Baby Too. I loved how the Sea Otter turned out! So I made another one. This time in blue! I also made a little basket to put him in. The pattern was a free pdf from Pierrot.

Last week my computer started to freeze up and then completely died on me! Luckily I had enough warning to back up all my files. It's still under warranty and I have to mail it to Gateway for repairs.... this is going to take forever. Right now I'm on my kids Mac.. I can also use my husband's Dell (he has a suckish mouse ><). I still miss mine though.. it's just not the same. Also I cannot play FFXI since my husband plays. Taking turns is not so much fun.


knittingturnip said...

this otter is super! I love it in all colour! You can made one juicy pink and ligth grey ^__^

Piston said...

Those are so cute! Ah, I want to cuddle them!